The Slender Man Costume

The attention that the mythical legend of Slender Man is getting of late is interesting. As with any mythical or urban legend, it makes you wonder what causes people to take note of that character. It seems that more attention to Slender Man could lead one to believe there are actual appearances of this mysterious man.

One thing is certain, there are more people putting great effort into replicating the appearance of Slender Man. One option is the all in one Slender Man Costume, as can be seen in the image above. The ability for fans and followers of the Slender Man to throw a one piece costume on and go out into the environments the mythical creature thrives in will definitely go further in spreading the knowledge of Slendy himself.

It will be exciting to see some of you people who seek to portray a truly original character like Slender Man this Halloween.

The Slender Man Costume

As the myth of Slenderman has grown over the years, so has the desire from people to dress up as this creepy urban dwelling ghost of a man. Two things that are always popular during Halloween are a scary/creepy costume and total anonymity. Both of these goals are met by wearing a Slenderman Costume.

Because this costume is truly meant for the creative costumers, one of the best ways to complete it is by putting different pieces together. The first step is to find something to make the blank white head that Slenderman has made famous. The best way to get this look is by wearing a white spandex suit. This will provide the base of a featureless face and hands.

The next step can be easily completed with a plain black suit and black tie. Many people have access to this part of the costume in their own closet. If you do not, there is a pretty good chance you can pick one up at any department store.

For all of you fans of the Slender Man, good luck putting your Slender Man Costume together this fall and have fun sporting this look on Halloween.