Halloween Time is Slender Man Time

When I started this blog 2 months ago, I would have never guessed Slender Man would be so well known by Halloween. I’ll say it again, maybe there really is something about this myth. Maybe it’s more real than even the hype alludes to. Regardless, my goal here is to provide some quick and easy options for creating your own Slender Man Costume. Let me recap what I’ve found:

      1. Slender Man Costume: This is great for anyone looking for a great costume with minimal effort.
      2. White Body Suit: Perfect if you have an old business suit that you plan on using but need something to cover the body in white. This is also a nice extra layer for a cold Halloween night spooking the neighborhood.
      3. Plain White Hood and Gloves: This is a new option if you’re on a budget. Same concept as the white body suit only it’s just the hood and gloves. Pretty good option if you have your own business suit and need to save a few bucks.

Halloween is near and I hope this blog has helped you meet your Slendy dreams this year. Thank you for reading!